What they say…

  • Corero
    Franco Caterino Country Sales Manager Italy of A10 Networks

    “In more than thirty years of business experience I have seen doubts and even skepticism about the role of communication. I believe this feeling ensues from the difficulty some find in selecting the right service and, above all, the right consulting partner. When I met BMP, I immediately appreciated the qualities of Francesco, Michela and Pietro, three wonderful professionals in this sector. Great content creation, meticulous copywriting, an excellent relationship with the media and innovation research, which is important for technology companies like ours. In BMP, these features are enhanced by the expert knowledge, the constant presence and the interchangeability in the roles of the three experienced partners. In short, when you say that three is a perfect number, well you can say the same about BMP.”

  • Biembi
    Paride Butti Sales Manager of Biembi SpA

    “Meeting BMP was a turning point in Biembi’s corporate image. In the past, we paid attention to our relationship with the media and to communication in general, but our work with BMP showed how important it is for a company to develop a successful PR strategy. Biembi is a leading company in the creation, production and distribution of free-time and school accessories, greeting cards and merchandising materials. Our goal was to let dealers and end-users aware of our wide range of products and we wanted to revamp our image. Francesco, Michela and Pietro are extremely professional and helpful. They have been able to understand the peculiarities of our industry and have run successful promotional campaigns for our company. Their competence, reliability and creativity have enabled Biembi to fulfill its objectives.”

  • Cedacri
    Rita Zelaschi External Relations Manager of Cedacri Group

    "I have known the BMP team for many years now and on several occasions have been able to appreciate both the human aspects and professional qualities of each member. Our partnership has always been based on trust and the certainty of being able to rely on their ability, determination and the transparency which makes them stand out. Among other things, we appreciate them most for their expertise in copywriting and their willingness to meet our needs. Thanks to their support, we have obtained excellent media coverage. Therefore I can strongly recommend BMP, an agency of professionals in communication who dedicate themselves with enthusiasm and commitment to their customers."

  • CELI
    Holger Milkau Former Dean of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy

    “As a client, from a PR agency we expect, above all, a personal relationship in order to better understand our objectives and to better communicate our identity. We especially require a real interest in our way of thinking. Ever since we first met a few years ago, BMP has shown its ability to perfectly satisfy these expectations. BMP knows the social fabric of our church because, in order to support an institution like ours, it takes a delicate know-how and intelligence especially when it comes to obtaining the appropriate contacts to make our public image clearer and better known. BMP consultants created a fun way to involve the various members of our church in learning the basis of communication. Moreover, they established many useful and interesting relationships with journalists for our organization. How can we define their work for promoting our image? Brilliant, meticulous, precise: BMP!”

  • InfoCert
    Danilo Cattaneo CEO of InfoCert

    “I met BMP in the summer of 2010 when I joined InfoCert.
    Since then, our company has experienced many significant changes, as shown by our strong and continuous growth over the last years and by a completely renewed positioning on the market. If communication was essential to evolve in our image towards the customers and to support our sales in new industries, our partnership with BMP has been strategic for achieving these goals. I remember the meetings to define our communication plans, often setting ambitious objectives and targets: well, I confirm that their implementation always achieved the expected results. Moreover, my colleagues who work on a daily basis with Michela, Pietro and Francesco confirm that their professionalism and their team spirit make our work together very productive.”

  • Intesi Group
    Paola Monti Head of Marketing & Communication of Intesi Group

    “I remember when we started our adventure with BMP: it was a wet and rainy day where it seemed nothing good was about to happen – not a good omen. Instead, having a coffee together was enough to figure out that BMP was right for us. They carefully understand and transmit all our messages. They are very frank, clear, responsive and above all professional. At the beginning, we needed to structure our communication to the media and someone to guide the company in this process which was unexplored until then. BMP graciously took us by the hand and showed us the way. I would say that the rain has been the only damper in our relationship.”

  • kitchen
    Myriam Koppel Co-founder of Kitchen

    “I have known the owners of BMP for a long time. Prior to my current entrepreneurial activity, I worked in the communication consultancy business. I founded and headed, for many years, a leading Italian PR agency that later became part of a prominent, worldwide, communication group. Well, I personally selected and hired Francesco, Michela and Pietro, one after the other. Thus I appreciated their individual skills, their passion for working and their growing expertise and, last but not least, their human qualities. Now that our lives have taken a different direction, I can say two things: the first one is that Francesco, Michela and Pietro continue to be the exceptional individuals that I knew well at the time, and the second is that they have developed an ideal communication service offering real experts who help optimize investment. For those who prefer a style of collaboration that combines professionalism with humanity, the solution is the BMP style: professional and always with a smile.”

  • Spicetree
    Susan Cohen and Monica Maron Co-founders of Spicetree Communications - An Israeli consulting firm

    “BMP consistently shows the highest level of professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication to our Israeli accounts operating in Italy so that is pure joy working with them. They initiate inventive ideas, provide real feedback on our own, and make the most of every opportunity to ensure total satisfaction. They always under commit and over perform so we are pleasantly surprised. We can only highly recommend them and wish that every one of our partners could perform at their level of service.”

  • tales factory
    Emanuela Colò Founder of Tales Factory

    “I had worked for many years in various areas of communication and firms. This is the reason why, when I founded Tales Factory, a new digital publishing house, without hesitation I sought the assistance of BMP for corporate and product communications. Especially, with the launch of our first product, a mobile App dedicated to kids. Francesco, Michela and Pietro are excellent professionals, proactive people with a passion for their work and a great deal of experience along with an uncommon ability to correctly interpret the needs of the clients, advising them at both strategic and tactical levels. In particular, BMP has shown not only in-depth knowledge of traditional media relations’ techniques but also the know-how to communicate in an innovative way through social media, blogs, forums and so on. They produce concrete results for my company which led me to determine that the investment made has been nothing but profitable.”

  • OneSpan
    Frauke De Graeve PR Manager Europe & Asia of OneSpan

    “BMP is skillful, dedicated and reliable: the perfect combination for a PR agency! Working with Francesco, Michela and Pietro gives me some kind of confidence: they really care about their clients. They have a clear understanding of the market, know the journalists very well, and they are experienced in bringing the right message to the relevant people. It’s a pleasure to work with BMP because they are punctual, competent, hard-working and amiable. And the best part… they obtain great results!
    (And the Italian food is a big plus as well :-)”

  • Arcadis
    Jochem Binst Global Head of Corporate Communications at Arcadis

    “I had the pleasure of collaborating with BMP Comunicazione on various occasions. They have always proven to be a reliable and result oriented partner, walking the extra mile for their customers. I enjoyed working with Francesco, Michela and Pietro a lot.”