We’ve got a new logo and a new website!

That’s right – the times are a-changing at BMP!

Why? Because after almost ten years in the business, we have naturally evolved to the point where we needed both a brand that better captures our identity here and now, and a web presence that recounts more fully what BMP has become today: who we are, how we work, what we do, and – not least – real-world examples of the successes we have delivered by working alongside our clients.

Like all processes of renewal, it’s not been easy, not least because we were very attached to a logo that has accompanied us since our origins in 2010 right up to recent weeks, and which had become an emblem of our transformation over the years from a startup full of ideas and good intentions to a boutique communication agency that has been rewarded by the trust of its clients.

In short, our logo felt like a cherished piece of old clothing, fondly preserved but a little baggy on the wearer.

And the website? Well, that was a rather more restrictive fit altogether! But working shoulder to shoulder with our partners at Neikos Digital Agency (thanks, friends!) we successfully achieved everything we wanted from it.

So what’s changed?

The new logo has undergone a complete reinvention of font, colour and design. The three initials of our agency are now in a particular tint of blue that, we feel, manages to convey more effectively both our professional reliability and the organisational agility that BMP has made its own over time.

The orange that entirely characterised the previous logo lives on in three new circular inserts aligned centrally to better evoke the triumvirate behind the agency’s origins. It’s a colour that captures BMP’s particular style: a mix of enthusiasm and empathy that has always underscored our relationships both internally and with our clients.

In line with the new logo, the new website is also now much clearer, fresher and more immediate, thanks to compelling graphics and its incorporation of the latest trends in web design. Its structure and the way its content is organised enable easy and intuitive navigation regardless of device, including mobile.

Oh, and there’s something else new, too – this blog, which we’ve published for the first time today.

So, we’ll see you again soon then, OK?

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