‘Faraway, so close!’: team spirit in the time of Covid

‘Communication is teams together’: some time ago, we chose to emphasise this message on the homepage of our new website. The reason: we have always believed in the value of the ‘team’; it’s our strong point, a fundamental characteristic of how we are, and of our approach to our profession and the service we deliver to customers.

And we took this decision in full knowledge of the risks associated with a ‘team’ theme that is not exactly revolutionary, and, indeed, has been overblown by excessive use – and, more than occasionally, abuse!

The pandemic, however, has brought clear confirmation of just how sound and deeply rooted within us this choice was.

Never, in fact, had we felt the value of teamwork as strongly or to the same extent as we have throughout this complex health emergency, in a 2020 that – whatever comes next – will remain in everyone’s memory as ‘The Covid Year’.

A precious ally

But we’re successfully standing up to it, helped by an operational approach we adopted a good ten years ago, when BMP was founded in 2010: smart-working.

At the time, this expression was practically unknown, even in the now more common (if inexact) sense of simply ‘working from home’.

Obviously, its now widespread popularity – including amongst those who initially seemed suspicious of it but now champion it – is pleasing for us, perhaps not least because it appeals to our sense of pride at having been in some way the pioneers of a pro-efficiency choice that, as we explored in more detail pre-lockdown, has improved our quality of life and, consequently, the quality of service we deliver to our clients.

And one that, with the outbreak of the pandemic, has demonstrated itself to be an automatic winner, avoiding the need for any rethinking of our modus operandi, and immediately guaranteeing ‘business as usual’ continuity, and the maintenance of traditional professional standards.

Together, everything is possible

In this way, we have been able to successfully concentrate all our energies on the support of our clients and, even more so than before, to work with them – and, above all, for them – as ‘teams together’.

Moreover, the present situation has given rise to varied and urgent client demands that must be managed with versatility, speed and flexibility: crisis communication for those who have had to face sudden and total business shutdown; large-scale, accelerated content production for those who need to affirm thought leadership to position themselves as ideal partners for companies determined to face up to and overcome the emergency of this period; the redefinition of product and service communication strategies, for those who have found themselves in an instantly and drastically transformed market.

We could cite many more examples.

All this would have been impossible without the complete trust of our clients; indeed, without that togetherness that, founded on mutual esteem built over time, tends to find itself reinforced in any generally stressful situation thanks to a heightened sense of empathy and common purpose.

This is why, in a period characterised by physical distance, we have appropriated, for this post, the title of the famous Wim Wenders film – ‘Faraway, So Close’ – because a true team works wherever its members are!

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