Public speaking coaching (Italian only)

Be effective when you address the room

This course is in two parts.

The first session (min. 3h – max. 5h) is delivered in three stages:


Theory introduction – The rules of oratory; from content to message; emotional, verbal, paraverbal and non-verbal cues; comparison of styles; “secrets” and suggestions.


On-stage session – “3×1: follow the formulae!”, “The kite: from anxiety to energy”; “Famous words: it’s a question of style…


Video check-up – Performance analysis, featuring a critical review of the recorded footage

The second session (min 45 mins – max 2h) features one stage only:


And….action! – Simulation of an official public presentation, with video recording and analysis to compare the performance with the evaluation of the first session.

The two sessions are conducted at least a day apart.
The duration of the session will vary depending on the number of participants.

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