How we work

A business is, first of all,
a human endeavour

Ideas, commitment, shared values

We’re a team of professionals and a group of friends. And it’s our relationship with the people around us – clients, partners, those who work with us and those who just talk to us – that contributes to our success every single day.

Our way of working is unique. We guarantee motivation, enthusiasm and a relentless focus on results. And, above all, we treat our clients the way we like to be treated – with openness, honesty and simplicity. We’re human, not guru!

Choose us for senior advisers only

We combine skills and experience acquired over many years working in PR multinationals with the agility and efficiency of a structure that is stripped of bureaucratic rigidity and pointless administrative overheads.

This ‘smart working’, which we adopted when our business was first founded, is an effective operating model, and has, therefore, been tried and tested for over ten years. From the very start, it brought us a better quality of life, and so enabled us to deliver a better quality of work.

And, as ever, it also spares our clients the hefty agency fees associated with unnecessary office space and full-time secretarial support.

Plus, it’s an organisational approach that has further demonstrated its effectiveness and dependability in the face of the health emergency surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s a method that, in these kinds of circumstances, is a natural winner, with its ability to guarantee absolute business continuity and to maintain BMP’s high professional standards.

Smart working is greatly valued by clients of all hues – large multinationals, SMEs, innovative startups, prestigious institutions, and more – that come to our boutique PR door.

Coffee’s just the start

Working with our clients starts with a meeting and a good, strong coffee! But it often quickly develops into a long-term relationship, fuelled, day to day, by our quality advice, constant availability, timeliness and rapid execution, attention to detail, flexibility and pragmatism. With our clients, we become part of one and the same team.

And their confidence in us is our greatest success.

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