Media coverage analysis for more effective communication

Cineca is an inter-university consortium composed of dozens of italian universities, research bodies, polyclinics and the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR).

Cineca entrusted BMP with the task of producing qualitative and quantitative analysis of its media presence, with the objective of verifying the return on specific communication activities and evaluating potential opportunities for reinforcement and realignment.

With this in mind, BMP:

  • Worked with the client to create a media classification matrix, based on the individual media types (e.g. press agencies, national dailies and broad-circulation weeklies, national TV and radio, etc.) and their degree of likely interest in Cineca’s stated mission (e.g. supplements and programmes on scientific topics)
  • Established parameters to assess the quality of an article or instance of radio/TV coverage based on tone (positive, neutral or negative) and share of voice (whether completely or partially devoted to Cineca, or a mention)
  •  Calculated a “quality score” taking into account all the parameters mentioned above
  • Examined and classified all Cineca’s media coverage per two-month period, using the methods described above
  • Produced and delivered to Cineca bi-monthly and annual reports, featuring descriptions and graphical representations of the results obtained. Moreover, in every report BMP provided analytical commentary on the successes achieved, potential opportunities, and possible weaknesses, to enable the client to easily identify priority areas of activity going forward.