All the strength of an international PR team

OneSpan is a leading multinational provider of software for secure banking transactions and digital identity protection.

The potential of the Italian market led OneSpan – formerly VASCO Data Security – to entrust its communication consultancy to BMP, with the goal of positioning the company as a technology leader in the domestic banking sector. 

From the start, BMP worked at the heart of an international network of agencies that acted in coordination with OneSpan’s central PR function to develop and share content that was then localised and targeted to the appropriate media in each country. 

This genuine exchange of ideas and experiences on all sides – reinforced by planned, regular and frequent results meetings – proved to be high-octane fuel for OneSpan’s communication machine, producing excellent performance levels!

Operationally, BMP kicked off the activities in Italy with a day of 1-to-1 interviews between OneSpan’s senior management and the key target media – an approach that also worked well in subsequent years for announcements of particular strategic importance.

Following on from this, the press office swung into action distributing press releases but, above all, focusing on two types of content created or localised by the agency:  bylined articles from OneSpan’s managers, to demonstrate expertise in key subject areas, and company comments on hot topics.

In this way, OneSpan has achieved constant visibility in the most important media, both in the banking field (AziendaBanca, BancaForte and Banca&Mercati) and ICT space (Linea EDP, Data Manager, Bitmat,, Silicon, Computerworld Italia, ImpresaCity, ZeroUno and others).

In addition, OneSpan has also benefited from a number of other services delivered by BMP, including media training for its managers and consultancy to maximise the effectiveness of targeted advertising investment.

Frauke De Graeve

PR Manager Europe & Asia, OneSpan

BMP are skilful, dedicated and reliable: the perfect combination for a PR agency! Working with Francesco, Michela and Pietro inspires confidence; they really care about their clients. They have a clear understanding of the market, really know their journalists, and are experienced in bringing the right messages to the relevant people.

It’s a pleasure to work with BMP because they deliver on time and are competent, hard-working and amiable. And the best part… they obtain great results! (And the Italian food is a big plus as well 🙂 )