Warrant Hub

Growing the visibility of those who grow businesses

Warrant Hub is a leader in business consulting services, with over 200 practitioners and thousands of clients across the country.

Warrant Hub, a Tinexta Group company, is active in the areas of business subsidies, EU business funding, company finance, energy and innovation, digital transformation and technology transfer.

In order to increase visibility of its expertise and its track record of results in this sector, Warrant Hub chose BMP’s communication services.

Through a targeted programme of media relations, BMP highlighted the company’s consultancy role in the implementation of several major projects, including on the international stage.

In this way, Warrant Hub secured the interest of business titles such as Italia Oggi, Milano Finanza and Il Sole 24 Ore – including, in the latter daily, sector-specific supplements such as Edilizia & Territorio and Norme & Tributi.

Additionally, the company received coverage in business magazines such as Il Giornale delle PMI and IM Impresa Mia, newswires such as ANSA, local publications including la Gazzetta di Reggio and Il Resto del Carlino, plus numerous websites and periodicals focused on specialist content, including Automazione Industriale, Casa & Clima, Cor.Com, Energia-Plus, Industry 4.0, Innovation Post, lavorofisco.it and Sistemi & Impresa.

Alongside these services, BMP also provided Warrant Hub with advertising consultancy, specifically the conception, production and media planning of ads for national radio.

Stefania Bacchi

Communication, Events and Institutional Relations Manager, Warrant Hub

From the very start, we have valued BMP’s consultants for their expertise and professionalism. In particular, we see this in their ability to listen and to understand the specialist information typical of our business, and to rework it into messages that are conveyed effectively and – where necessary – with a more popular slant.

We would recommend BMP to anyone looking for a quality, reliable partner to handle their communications, but especially to those organisations that – determined to always face up to new challenges – want to affirm, as we at Warrant Hub do, a corporate identity founded on a combination of high specialism, relentless research and constant growth.