Little moments of glory

In the lifetime of every company, including BMP of course, there are innumerable moments whose special significance keeps their memory alive and turns them into the subject of periodic reminiscences – often introduced with the classic line “Do you remember that time when…?”

It’s about the small but rewarding victories that signal the optimum outcome of a project or activity, such that – on occasion – it even merits the uncorking of a bottle!

A Customer Reference Program, for example, that has brought a client new business opportunities; a corporate video, conceived and produced in a way that totally fulfils its objectives; or indeed the satisfied feedback of a manager who has completed one of our training courses.

We could list many such memorable moments, but one of them in particular dates back to an October 30th some time ago, which, as that date is now once again approaching, gives us good reason to tell the story – as if it happened today.

When the going gets tough…

Here’s the scene…

The client is Arcadis. BMP is involved in the communication management of two important, concurrent projects: on the one hand, articulating the company’s strategic role in the development of key public transport infrastructure in France, and, on the other, mediatising the results of its global study on the theme of sustainable mobility.

The challenge the client sets BMP is to rapidly attain the very highest-profile media positioning in both business areas, as both are strategic.

Two different projects, a diversity of stakeholders, players and strategies, and distinct methods of execution – but the same brand and at the same time!

As communication challenges go, this is a long way further up the scale…

… the tough get going!

Every action is planned and managed with care, and all necessary contacts initiated. Both project areas are run in parallel, with confidence and determination, occasionally ceding to a few brief moments of uncertainty!

Finally, the results obtained prove themselves superior, in terms of timescales, to even the most optimistic predictions – a just reward for all our efforts. As we had wanted, on one day – October 30th, of course – two of the most authoritative and widely read national dailies simultaneously dedicate generous column inches to our client.

Il Sole 24 Ore publishes an entire page on the French project and the company’s role in it. A similar sized page inks in the Corriere della Sera, carrying an interview with the company’s CEO on the theme of sustainable mobility.

A great success for our client – and yet another precious memory for us!

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