At BMP, communication is
wise counsel

At BMP, communication is
crafted with care

At BMP, communication is
teams together

Who are we?

We’re a boutique PR specialist delivering integrated business communication services.
Successfully, since 2010.

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How we work

Professionalism aplenty. Senior advisors only. And we don’t do guru.

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Quality tailored to your needs and focused on results

Training courses (Italian only)

Be prepared for success.

Strategic communication consultancy

The right choices, made together.

Content creation

Let us tell your stories.

Media relations and digital PR

Become the news, everywhere.

Advertising consultancy

Move your ROI up a gear.

Editorial projects

Ideas, words and opportunities to talk you up.

Audio-visual production

Your messages in sound and image.

Internal communication

To win, first build a team.

Crisis communication

Your reputation - protected.

Customer Reference Program

Make your success speak its name.